Interstice: New Economies for Creative Communities

is framed as a recent historical survey that speaks about the relevance and contribution of past artistic practices that have contributed to a particular direction in art-making now beyond the year 2012. Beginning with the 1970's, this show examines an artistic journey that spans the movements of pre- and post- relational aesthetics, social aesthetics, participatory artwork, and art and social practice. Two dimensional, three dimensional, video and performance works as well as a variety of educational programming are included in our scope. The goal of this show is to speak, and raise awareness about, the roots of current relational and community based art practices as well as the future of those practices. We are very interested in a curatorial concept that functions within the context of how fine art and fine art exhibitions can benefit and contribute to the community and the values and projects within communities.

Curatorial Statement

Interstice: New Economies for Creative Communities

Attempts to expose an art community existing beyond the gallery walls that is open and
inclusive to all willing participants.

Promotes dialog about how economic systems operate, throughout the art world, art market, antecedent to, and in the age of globalization.

Embraces the experiential nature of participatory art works that allow a discourse, for both viewer and participant, which underlines personal meaning in these works and encourages active exchange.

Involves looking at art and the art world through the lens of how interpersonal, experiential moments can shape a direction in artistic process.

Focuses on new types of art making, delving into a larger discussion surrounding what art is capable of.

Interstice is a space that intervenes between.