Interstice was organized with the intent to highlight community based socially aware art projects. In line with our curatorial thesis we would like to engage the viewer beyond artwork displayed within the gallery. In conjunction with this exhibition, a variety of educational and service oriented programs have been organized. We feel that it is important not only to construct an exhibition with objects, theory and conceptual meaning, but to also utilize event programming that provides services and community involvement to compliment and further promote the existing dialog through meaningful participation. To achieve this, we have included the following programs available on campus at Cal State University Fullerton: A CSUF Time Bank will be organized to operate within the Begovich Gallery. This is a labor exchange in which every participant’s skills receive are equal units in determining the earned amount of labor hours and can in turn be “cashed” for trade with others’ skills. The purpose of this program to engage a discourse between students and provide a platform for potential exchanges. An Artist Bailout will be held on December 13, 2012 in which proposals are submitted and presented to a group composed of community members. The event requires a small fee and a meal is provided. Following each artist’s presentation the group votes on which project will receive the sum of the fees paid. It is the goal to offer support to the artistic communities on campus at CSUF in the form of financial assistance. The Student Health and Counseling Center is providing free services in our project room, for a limited engagement, which includes booking appointments and distributing information about the range of student health services. Student Health and Counseling will be providing a nap center to aid in stress management, as well as provide meditation workshops and take away items for year round stress management. It is the mission of the program to further the educational awareness of services available to students and the campus community within the context of this exhibition.

time bank

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time bank application